Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(No) Vacancy

   I don't know at what point in time someone put that sign on the interstate near my home but I need to search for it and take it down.  I realize I would have to search at ground level but this has to stop before I become that crazy cat lady that everyone talks about.  Well, maybe I already am that woman.  I hope not.  I have enough cats. More than enough, in fact, but they don't seem to be happy with the company that they have and keep inviting other cats to come on over.  
   Since moving to our new house, it began with Skittles and Ghost.  These girls were left in a carrier by my van one snowy morning.  Unfortunately, Ghost didn't make it but Skittles went on to my dear friend's home and is driving her crazy while maintaining perfect cuteness.  Which, as you all know, is the primary function of adorable kittens.
   For a while things seemed to be moving along smoothly until this last winter when the kids were followed the mile home from the library, through the snow, by Romeo.
   Romeo worked his way into our hearts with the first lick and continued licking us until we couldn't part with him. So, we made our way through the last of winter, through summer and on into Autumn.  Just when we thought it was safe to go back outside, Mandi was taking my pic by a tree for her Photography assignment and she saw a cat run up the hill behind the house.  We headed up to the barn to see if it went there and lo and behold we found Mr. Mittens.
Mandi and Mister Mittens
   Mr. Mittens leaving us isn't even an option, since Mandi's Sir Fat Louis left in July.  This now bumps us up to "am I crazy" status.

   Is it over? Will there be others?  We're in the country, with a barn/workshop, you tell me. All I ask is that if anyone sees that I start brushing my cats and knitting their fur into sweaters, please send me someplace with nice soft walls.


  1. Love Your Blog and love them "Kitties", but look at those whiskers on Romeo.... Whoa !!

  2. Great blog! The kitties know a good thing when they find it.

  3. l just love this catstory!! we have the same with dogs....that keeps the cats on a distance....


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