Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn in Western New York

As Autumn arrived, life here in Amish Country became much slower - despite all of the school activities.  Coming home from school I often meet up with local buggies and their friendly occupants.  I usually just follow them for a while and listen to the sound of the horses hooves on the pavement.  This particular buggy had a teenage boy hanging his legs out the "door" as he ate a slice of pizza from a local store.

Part of the grove of trees at the front of my property.  Thankfully I not only live  in the country but I live in what Johannes calls a "draw".  The wind comes off Lake Erie and blows the leaves up the hill, past my barn and off into the distance. Rake-free lawn care.  With five acres to maintain, I can't argue with that.
When we bought the place this staghorn sumac was just a small cluster. In the two years since, it has to be mowed back to keep from smothering the lilacs I transplanted. Every Autumn it gets this most amazing shade of red.
While I was taking photos of the trees these geese flew overhead.  Mandi thinks they look like leaves blowing off the tree.
Such a pretty cluster, but looks can be deceiving.  The green trees in the center are actually about 200 yards away, in my neighbour's backyard.
The trees at the top of my hill.  I love this side of my lawn because of the large grove of trees.  I miss the Adirondacks and their woods in my backyard, so this makes me feel less homesick for my mountains.

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  1. Very nice !... Love your pic's of Autumn and it's striking colours....For those that live outside the "Amish" community, the buggy almost seems surreal, "a real take of the past"...The "rake free" lawn...well,that speaks for itself... Lucky You !


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