Sunday, October 9, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

 In honour of my favourite holiday, Halloween. I went wa-a-ay back in my facebook and dug out this story.  It began as an observation of my evening but several friends, and my daughter, joined in and it turned into a suspenseful ghost story.  Enjoy...
So Jerome usually sleeps with his mom (me) instead of in his room, but he went to his Dad's. I was watching Ghost Adventures, and a t-storm came up while I was putting away things from the last moving box in my bedroom - at 1am. I was wandering around the house feeling pretty brave with lights off. Then I heard noises. Ghost show, t-storm, dark house, noises.....
Ingrid O'B: ‎... India was taking a shower. *muffled scream*

Ingrid F: and there it was, a cracking sound on the front porch. I was unable to make out what it was, but then..

Ingrid O'B: Then I realized all the downstairs windows were open and the front door was unlocked.

Colleen: As lighting flashed across the dark sky . I realized, I have no electricity, the house is dark.

Ingrid O'B: But yet, the dogs make no sound. Is it fear?

India: I step out of the shower and wrap the towel around me as lightning flashes. I hear an eerie noise. What was that?!

Joy: Two yellow eyes peered out of the darkness and a strange animal-like sound coming from their direction. "Who's there", I called out.  

Colleen: I hear the floor creaking. Someone or something is moving closer to me. I can feel its presence all around me. Like heat radiating off it's body.

India: I quickly get dressed and run out of the bathroom running straight into you.
India: Who's there? I look around in the dark.

Colleen: I can't see, it is so dark. Lightning flashes across the sky, I think I see it.

India: I slowly back away trying to make no sudden movements.

Ingrid O'B: I'm not sure if it can see me so I try to stay in the shadows, not knowing if the shadows are safe.

India: What is it? I whisper.

Ingrid O'B: We tremble in fear. Whatever it is is so close we can hear it breathing.

Colleen: I can feel the heat of its breath , it is getting too close. I close my eyes.

Ingrid O'B: I'm too frightened to open them. If I'm going to die, I don't want to see what kills me. Or am I afraid to see my death?

Colleen: I keep thinking to myself. I know someone will find me, either dead or alive. I want to live.

Ingrid O'B: Matthew is asleep in his room. I want to call for him but I am afraid. What if it goes after him. I need to protect my son, if I don't then we will die. But if I call for him then it will know where I am. I am so frightened.

Colleen: I forgot I still have my cell phone in my back pocket of my jeans.

Ingrid O'B: I open my cell. The light comes on!

Colleen: I want to scream" OH NO" but I can't.  I'm stiff as a board . The fear is so great. What should I do? Stay calm, I tell myself.

Ingrid O'B: I can't think. Did it see me? The tears come to my eyes as my heart pounds in my chest. Can it hear my heart? What do I do?

Colleen: The air is so thick, and humid. I feel as though I can't breathe.  I take a deep breath, as deep as I can. I breathe slowly out. Hoping it can't hear me. I hear a cry from the bedroom. 

Ingrid O'B: I'm too frightened to call out for fear that whatever it is may not be alone. I have to protect India, but I can't let it harm Matthew. I grab India's hand and take a deep breath...

Colleen: Over there, those eyes. Could it be. A long pause and a sigh.  I think it's the cat, no, is it the rat out of Matthew's room? Umm...

Ingrid O'B: ‎"Charlie?" I ask. "How did you get out of your cage?"

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  1. When I read this post a few ago, I remember thinking, "how fun", for people at random, creating a cool... ! Thanks for posting and reminding me of Your "craziness", (like, I need reminding) :o).... Love it !


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