Saturday, October 8, 2011

When It Becomes Too Frightening To Sleep

   I admit that I believe in ghosts.  I also realize that for many years my house was income property and some tenants had a thing for, shall we say, graffiti.  I kind of question some of the art work that they created.  Take this whale for example.  Cute, but child-like. I think I had two-year-olds who did better.
   Next we move on to stating the obvious.  Exactly how much do you need to be hung up on your name to do this to the door frame? 
   I guess we should be proud of her for remembering what her name was because then there is ... a backwards alphabet. Practice for their next DUI test?  Nobody knows for sure.
   Eventually they progressed to more intricate artwork.  Intricate for them anyway. 
   Now this is where things get creepy.  All of the other "art" was done in what became Matthew's bedroom.  It was all in fun and, for the most part, colourful.  Today I rearranged my living room.  When we bought the house, the most recent tenants had left behind a very large television sitting in the corner.  In the two years since we moved in we have used this set while it sat in the same spot.  Today I moved it across the room.  While Matthew was sitting on the floor, sorting wires, I took down the coo-coo clock.  The afternoon sun was shining through the French doors of the sunroom and onto  the bead-board.  It picked up the waxy shimmer of this:
   For those of you who aren't quite certain what this is, it says "MURDER" backwards.  

Did the tenants write this?

Are the orbs seen in photos that we take around the house more dangerous than we thought?

Or is Jerome correct on the most frightening of all of the speculations?  

Jerome believes that friends and relatives of the spiders I have killed wrote this to warn me, and to let the dead spiders know, that there will be pay-back.  That I will be punished.  

Oh Sweet God! Please don't let it be the spiders!!


  1. Yikes....Have You considered calling "Ghost Busters"....The "REDRUM" reminds me of "the Shining".....Wooooooh....Careful, don't be exploring too much, till I get there... :o)

  2. A very creepy story!! except fot the


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