Monday, February 14, 2011


Sometimes it doesn't matter just how you plan every little detail of your day to be right down to the minute in order to fit in everything that needs to be done.  Inevitably something is going to happen to totally mess up your schedule.  Take Saturday morning, for example.  I started my day at 6am when I had to wake India and get her to school to catch the school's Suburbans for a ride with the select group of girls chosen to sing in All-County chorus.  Because of the heavy snow squalls and blowing and drifting snows, the 12 minutes per-way trip took 45 minutes round-trip but amazingly French Creek had plowed!!  As soon as I got home I had time to put on my face,change from my jammies (yes, I drove in jammies) and take Jerome into school for his last day of basketball.  This time the trip was faster.  The squalls had stopped and the sun was out.  I called Matthew and told him I was leaving school and to meet me by the road and headed North for church outreach.
When I pulled up in front of the driveway, Matthew did as usual and walked to the front of the car and stared at me so I moved over to the passenger seat.  The road to the state line was in good shape but I was running late and had already had Matthew let them know so we could take it slowly.  As soon as we crossed the state line the road disappeared.  We chatted about how we preferred the Blazer on these roads and just then a Blazer passed us and we laughed.  We passed the section where it is always just over a lane wide in winter and I commented how Matthew shouldn't take this road back and that was when our world turned upside down... literally.  We hit a drift and got pulled to the left into another drift,  I thought okay, now we'll bog down but instead we gained speed and hit a third drift and swung to the right across the road and there was the snow in front of us. We hit the snow hard and plowed into the field before the car slowly tipped onto her roof.  I couldn't breathe with the pressure on the seatbelt and unhooked, dropping to the ceiling hard and snapping my neck.
A man was standing by the road when we got out and began searching for my cell on the ceiling. We waited in his truck until the police got there and then waited in the patrol car for the tow truck to right the car.  Every car that went by as we waited in the truck stopped to check on us.  The trooper was very kind and let us listen to Bob&Tom while we sat and chatted.  I had contacted my minister and we had plenty of prayers from the beginning.  The car ended up with a broken mirror, Matthew seems fine and I ended up with whiplash.  When I think of all the ways this could have gone completely different, I am grateful for the pain.