Monday, January 27, 2014

Long Time, No Post!

Has it really been this long since I posted?  

So much has happened since I wrote here last; and I honestly thought I wouldn't be posting any time soon after my toolbar disappeared on the top of my blog today. But, alas, I discovered a way around it as soon as I posted a complaint to Google. Maybe they'll give me my shortcut back anyway. 


Let's see what has happened since you last saw my melodic writing. Is it possible to see melody? I suppose it would be if you were looking at sheet music. Maybe you are hearing the clickety click of my keyboard. That could be melodic. Sometimes it kind of lulls me to sleep. But then again, I may just be boring myself. 

So, Amanda is in her last year of high school. The last Sectional Football game was emotional for me since it was her last time cheering. She seemed okay but I quietly cried on the way home. We went to the Open House at the only college she had as a choice and she is hoping to get into the dance squad there. "More dance, less stunts" as she puts it. The other week she got her acceptance letter and is going to be going to college at Genesee Community College.  India is going back to Fulton-Montgomery Community College in the fall. 

As for me, I decided I had a dead-end job and went back to college last fall.  I began with Medical Office Technology until I realized that almost everyone I met in my classes were in the same program; so the job market will be mobbed when we all graduate.  I switched to Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control. I'm taking prerequisites this semester so I can, hopefully, begin taking the actual classes this fall. 

On the personal level, I am madly in love!  This love is so much deeper than any love that I have ever felt in my life.  This says a lot considering I always jump in with both feet.  This wonderful man doesn't have the control and anger issues of the others, and we are very best friends; a good thing to be going into a relationship.  There will be many major life changes for me over the next year, but I'll let y'all know as they happen. 

For now, If any of you folks are someplace warm, could you PLEASE send me some warmth?  We are absolutely freezing here!!  

Matthew, in his non-stop attempt to stay ahead of the snow.

I strongly believe this weather is being caused by one of the folks from our church who has a bizarre obsession with winter and brags about doing a "Snow Dance" to bring on storms.  I am seriously considering gathering a gang of people to beat him with snow shovels and car brushes. I know many people who would be more than happy to help me at this point.