Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

This is what my weekend was supposed to look like:

Friday - take a long nap.
Friday night 6pm - meet up with Clare from church to walk in the Relay for Life in North East.

Saturday morning 9am - leave Relay for Life, wash cars at church car wash.
Saturday noon - volunteer at thrift shop.
Saturday 2pm - leave North East take Jerome to his friend's birthday party in Cutting.

This is what my weekend actually looked like:

Friday morning 8:15am - mop dining room.
Friday morning 10am - start taking books off bookcases and completely wipe down bookcase, while putting books back on add new books from library book sale in my usual alphabetical order by author's last name and also by genre.

Friday afternoon 4pm - finish with bookcases (except bottom shelf) and begin cleaning sun-room.
Friday night 6pm - Jerome goes to father's house.
Friday night 7pm go to bedroom, exhausted, watch tv on my bed with India, intermittently talk to Johannes on phone.
Friday night 11pm - fall asleep.
Saturday morning 6:15am - wake up and watch some old episodes of Storage Wars.
Saturday morning 7:45am - doze off.
Saturday morning 10am - wake up, eat breakfast, talk to kids, get ready for thrift shop, lament forgetting other activities, dislocate shoulder opening living room drapes (hey, it's one of my hidden talents!).
Saturday 11:55 - still talking to kids, leave for thrift shop.
Saturday 12:25pm - arrive at thrift shop after spending too long talking to Andrew in driveway, decide to shop instead.
Saturday 2pm - after talking to woman from car-to-car in parking lot about her adorable dog, get home, watch girls try on new clothes from thrift shop, critique clothes, gloat over a pair of shorts that are too small for the girls but fits me.

Saturday 3pm - start the first of four loads of laundry to hang on clothesline, hang some artwork purchased at thrift shop over the last few months.
Saturday 5:47pm - start getting supper ready for Matthew to toss it on the "previously in flames" grill. 

Notice at no time did I do any volunteering on this All-Volunteer Weekend.



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