Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Nights, Computer Games and Weird Netflix videos

   The boys went off to their father's house for the weekend.  Well, Andrew and William went there.  Jerome stayed home to play his addiction, Joint Ops.  
   Once upon a time Jerome was a normal, mild-mannered little boy. But then Johannes talked me into purchasing Joint Ops.  The original plan was for us to play together.  Since we live so far apart, we try to find activities online that we can do together.  I played a few missions and when he felt I was ready, Johannes and I decided to play a game by ourselves.  Unfortunately, the pace was so fast that I became nauseous.  Enter Jerome.  He saw me doing missions and decided he wanted to do them to.  After breezing through the missions, Jerome started playing the game and soon was kicking butt and killing people.  Now he is a Joint Ops junkie.  In fact, when Andrew asked him if he were going to his father's, Jerome replied that he had "games to play".  There he is on most evenings, with Johannes 2600 miles away often playing the game with him. So much for Johannes and me playing games online together.

   Mandi is cheering at a high school football game an hour and a half away.  Up until just now I have been looking from my laptop, to the tv, to the clock above the tv with my mind wandering to Mandi telling me the game was at 4:30.  Just now I checked the school calendar and realized it was a 7:30 game.  I can breathe now...
(Update: 11:50pm and the oldest headed off to school to pick up Mandi, the bus will be there in a few minutes. We won 18-0!)

   On to India and me.  So far this evening we have watched what could possibly become a cult classic, if it isn't already.  I have a secret crush on Neil Patrick Harris.  I KNOW he's gay but I can still have a crush, can't I? In this show he sings *swoon* and the plot is pretty cool.  I'm still waiting for the sequel. 
    Next on the queue is Elvira.  A corny movie with a lame, over-used plot but I really like Elvira.  I loved her character since she first appeared on the scene.  Her silliness and ditziness just cracks me up. 
   Why is India picking weird movies to watch tonight? Could be because we are a little weird to begin with. Or so we've been told...  

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  1. Ooooh, that is sooo wrong,to blame me for "Starscream's" addiction.... On the flip side, this game really does teach You , courtesy, respect and teamwork..Btw, he's a quick learner and does really good...Sorry Hun', since You became a bit "nauseous, I guess You had to give up your arms to a real "trooper"... In the "Movie" dept. Dr. Horrible maybe but Elvira, well, I'm just not sure.... Weird...? Who, said that ? :o)


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