Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Picasa and random pictures

After two days of tweaking my blog, I finally finished.  Somehow I ended up in my picasa and just for the fun of it, I started wandering through photos that haven't made it into web albums yet.  I thought it would be fun to share some of them here.
Sugar curled under the Christmas trees boughs
as we assembled the
Andrew in the willow tree, again
Sign as you come off the interstate in Erie.
This cracks us up every time we see it
My Sweet William and me. 
Jerome playing on my cell
as we cruise down the interstate in the Subaru.

No wonder my battery is always dead
India, before haircut, yakking her way through church
Ummm... Where are her clothes?
India again, in my room
Don't ask.
Me.  I have no idea what this is about
Mandi after her hair experiment
Mandi, basketball cheerleading days.
Much cuter this way
Me, stuck in the tire swing.
Timothy panicking.
Notice how much help I'm getting
India at 5am, wishing me farewell
as I headed for Oregon the first time.

Serious bedhead
Matthew washing the house?
My own Andrew Wyeth Painting
India managed to convince people she had been bitten.
By a vampire?
Oh My God! Johnny Depp touched this!!!
India on the Bounty
Jerome tolerates us so much.
Here he is at his father's
Jerome in his snow cave.
Tempting as it was, no he didn't have to live there
Esme relaxing on Mandi


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  2. I love Your Blogs, and this one is no exception... Love the random pic's of You and the Kids, another job," Well Done" !!
    BTW.. Thank You, for helping and tweaking mine !

  3. L just loved to see your gang, nice cute pictures!!!


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