Monday, October 3, 2011

Adventures in Blogging

Sometimes I feel for my poor family.  It started with facebook, with me posting interesting little things happening in the family.  They would do something that I thought was too funny not to share and I would run off to my computer. That wasn't good enough for me. I started fiddling around with this blog and they knew they were doomed. That everything was now fair game.
 I can't say they minded, though. More times than not they would say "that would make a great status" or "you should blog this".  They are really getting into this.  In fact, today I asked India to bring the camera to school so that she could take some pics that I can use in my blog and she was all for it.  
 One thing I have noticed is that blogging is like a drug.  Once you start getting into it, it is really hard to stop and you begin looking for more ways to get your fix.
 Today I discovered Pages on facebook. I had just created my page this afternoon and within a few minutes, another blogger who's page I like and comment on had found me and was recommending me.  By this evening I was up to 32 likes and climbing. This is serious now.  I find myself checking back constantly to see how the numbers have grown in such a short time. It has gotten so bad that I almost forgot about this blog.
 I think an argument could also be made for the fact that I am blogging about blogging.  I promise I will be alright.  Just let me have my fix and I will be a happy Mom. Really, when it comes to family harmony, isn't that what really matters?

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  1. I Love It !!....This is really cool,and take it from me, "You're Alright" !!


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