Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You know you have a drinking problem when....

No. I don't mean alcohol, although I do enjoy the occasional wine or mixed drink.
It all started with tea... A simple enough drink that I love to relax with in the evening.  So does India.  That means two people trying to decide what flavour they are in the mood for.  Our tea drawer is two boxes deep so choosing sometimes takes a while.

A few of these are caffeine-free
but, come-on, sometimes you do have to sleep

Next, we moved on to loose teas.  I have to admit that some of these are really odd.  When you're trying to drink a cup of tea that smells like a chicken coop it can be very un-nerving.  (I found the tea box at the thrift store as we were bringing goods in from the loading dock to the work room.  The cookie jar is from there too, but holds peanuts, not cookies.) The regular tea bags are used mostly for suntea.  After drinking flavoured teas, they seem, well, flavourless.

On to the coffee.  The favourite cabinet in our house.  We never have less than 10 flavours of varying roasts. Although dark is our favourite. After all, if you're going to drink coffee, you might as well remember it for a while. 

And here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for.

Drum roll please


Our "beverage station"

For those quick drinks we have a Tassimo. Similar to a Keurig, this coffee maker uses T-cups.  Because we REALLY like our coffee, we have to use double the coffee for one drink.  Next comes the iced tea maker which we use when we run out of suntea and don't feel like powdered tea.  Then comes the espresso maker.   I bought this from work and we've been buzzing ever since.  I found the Cuisinart coffee maker at the thrift store while stocking shelves, not long after we wore out the third coffee maker in two years.  It was the best $2 we ever spent. Matthew has developed a real addiction to frappuccinos, so the grinder and blender don't get put away anymore. This way he can have them handy for all the frappuccinos made throughout the day.

In the foreground is the best way to spot me in a crowd... my tankard.  It holds 20 ounces of coffee and I start my day with two of them.

....and people wonder how I get so much done...



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