Monday, July 16, 2012

Fire Sirens and Bumper Cars

I have lived here in Wine Country going on three years now, with North East Pennsylvania being a mere eight miles away - just six hundred feet lower than the ridge where our house sits.

Brakes are highly over-rated. 

I'm not talking northeast PA. No. I mean North East PA.  The name always cracks me up.  You see, North East is in the far northwest corner of the state. It got it's name from being in the northeast corner of the "hook" that's in the northwest corner.  

Got it?

Every year the North East fire department holds it's annual  Cherry Festival. As far as I can tell the only real reference to cherries is the 8,000 cherry pies that the ladies of the local Methodist church bake to raise money for the fire department
Yes, 8,000 cherry pies. 

Up until this year I had never gone to the festival. This year I decided it was time.  The festival had been going on since Tuesday so the pies were long gone. We went on Saturday for the parade. 

It began with the units a block apart.

(So we had plenty of time to style each other's hair.)

And what I swear were twenty-seven firetrucks from the N.E. Fire department. 

But I think they really only had eight. 

Eight firetrucks with horns and sirens blaring.

All at once.

For the longest ten minutes of my life.

(Can you feel Amanda's pain?)
I thought this fire truck was pretty cool.

and quiet.

Which made it my favourite.

We made it about 40 minutes into the parade. 

We missed the flash mob by a local dance studio because we were too far away to catch on to what was happening. It just looked like the dancers were being assaulted by the crowd. 

We moved out of the intersection to the covered sidewalk (yes, it's a quaint old town). 

India freaked out over the clowns (as usual: this is the same girl who routinely hides a clown statue - hmmm... have I seen him lately?). 

We decided that once you have seen 9,826,593 parades you have seen them all.

While waiting for the various units to finish their little skits in front of the judges I noticed the antique shop was open.  I have been dying to go there!  After a brief discussion everyone was raring to leave the parade. India and Jerome went to the comic book store...

My extra-daughter, Rachel, along with Amanda and Andrew went with me to the antique shop.

I was so happy.

Everywhere I turned, I found more cool stuff.

I seriously need about $5000 so I can get everything I want.

Any donors?


It's for a good cause.

{puppy dog eyes}

After Andrew ran our goodies from the store to the van parked approximately 65.3 miles away 
because they had blocked off traffic 1/2 block from our church 
located just beyond the stores 
and it's large parking lot!!! 
{deep breath}


After Andrew returned, we debated on what to eat. We were standing in front of a pizza shop that made subs, while looking over the roof tops at the midway and it's fair food. It's vast array of everything you could imagine fair food....

We chose Subway.

(Where there was a baby clown.)


We finally made our way to the midway and the wrist bracelets.  I thought it was a festival but it was more of a county fair.  

(And more clowns - but don't worry, India ran around them before they saw her.)

Let the rides begin.......

First, the Bumper Cars.

Then to the Himalaya where all five kids rode the first time.  Jerome tried too hard not to slide on Amanda so he didn't like it. The girls rocked out to the music though.

Next to the Spider.

I have no idea what they were looking at
And neither do they now.

I know the ride was supposed to resemble a spider but I really thought the inner workings looked like one.

Don't you?

While waiting by the rides I met up with my minister and his adorable son, Josiah.  Pastor Bob is the coolest pastor ever!  I love how he incorporates songs from when we were young into his sermons. Although my favourite sermon was based on "The Telltale Heart". Complete with foot stomping to simulate the heartbeat under the floorboards.  What sealed his title as "The Coolest Pastor Ever" was his Rush reference as we parted ways on Saturday. "Exit Stage Left"

Back to the kids.  They HAD to get tattoos.

~airbrushed tats~

(Jerome got a fish)

(India, roses)

(Amanda went celestial)

(While Rach made a quick call to her Mom and with permission got this flower)
 Amanda wanted to be brave and go on the Glider.  India was the only one who dared go with her.

 They could barely stand after watching the ground go by.

Now back to something ground-hugging

Bumper Cars again.

Jerome preferred this ride.

Not the older kids.

They kept going back to the Himalaya.

They are so odd....

Did I mention they liked going back to the bumper cars?

Crashing into others...

It doesn't get better than this.

Appropriately enough. The boy with the fish tattoo won four fish. While Rachel won one.  India realized one was dying so they gave her eight replacements.

Carnie Math.

Gotta love it!

There should have been more clowns.


  1. I love this!!!! :D It was soo much fun!!

  2. Loved this glimpse into another part of the country, I live in Iowa, yet I think parades are all alike, but I love them. I also loved your writing. The story was funny and well written. I love the bumper cars too. They stay on the ground and you get to hit things on purpose, what more do you need?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comments. I agree about the bumper cars. There is just something about crashing into other people...


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