Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who Determines Where the Line Is Drawn?

For this weeks assignment, we have been asked to write about the forbidden or taboo in 450 words.  I wasn't sure where to go with this but my mind kept going back to the obvious. I hope you enjoy it.

Where exactly does the line get drawn? At what point is it decided where the line is crossed? Who made this decision? Shouldn't this be something of our own choosing?

While growing up she was always told what is right and what is wrong and why the line should never be crossed. Sometimes the lesson wasn't in words but rather in the actions of others. She wasn't raised in a strict family, in that sense of the word, but it was always understood not to disappoint. That was one thing she never wanted to do. Although the subject was open, it was made clear where to go no further. She also learned from her siblings actions while growing up in the age of “free love”. Although she was younger and never quite caught on in her innocence – until later.

As she went through her adult life she continued trying not to disappoint. This time it was the men she was with. While trying so desperately to keep them happy she never let her true thoughts come out. She just acted as they wanted her to – never going too far. Perhaps it was fear of rejection. Rejection when they refused to cross that line with her. She thought something was wrong with her.

He was raised in a home without real love. With no values taught, only fear. His religious upbringing rendered him insecure in his decisions. He left early and ventured out to the streets where life was hard. Where gangs thrived and so did their mentality. Although he learned from his friends, he knew his thoughts weren't normal – were taboo.

He searched for women to cross that line with him. He found them. In the clubs, at parties, they were abundant in the world that he lived in. Many did question him. They couldn't understand why he wanted these things. They were wrong, they said Taboo. Yet, he continued looking for someone who would reassure him that there was nothing wrong with him.

Both of these people continued on the day-to-day lives. Both of them wondering why they were never satisfied. Wondering why these thoughts came into their heads. Wondering why they could never be satisfied. Wondering why they couldn't be normal?

Then the day came when they finally met. This man and this woman. They learned of the others' needs and realized they could cross that line together. With no fear of rejection, no one questioning them. After all of the years of wondering about themselves, they could finally be themselves. They both realized their was nothing wrong with them.

Two people yearning for the forbidden and happily venturing into that territory together.  


  1. Interesting take on the prompt. The POV shift at the very beginning didn't seem to flow quite right, but the rest was beautiful.


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