Thursday, July 12, 2012


So many blogs in my drafts and only so many hours in the day to wrote them....

See this tranquil little church nestled along the lake in the woods?

Back in April, this church was the scene of an invasion.  An invasion that would terrify the average mortal.  For you see, this quaint little church camp was raided by teenagers - dozens of them!  For a three-day overthrow! 

India rode up with our youth leaders and I hadn't seen her in a
couple of days. The kids didn't realize we had a large group of parents,
and our minister, car-pool from church for their closing ceremony.
This was taken seconds before India saw me.

We left our children to their own devises and somehow they managed to stay alive with only a few adults with whips and chairs to control them.  Okay, so maybe they didn't use whips and chairs. We don't know how they were controlled. If they want to tell me, I would be grateful (I do have a houseful of teens, after all).

I don't know what they did while they were there.  They are sworn to secrecy, after all - so the next child selected by the church doesn't find out before-hand.  I do know that whatever happened, changed the children.  Each one made a speech in front of their parents and peers.  The tears flowed as the children told of their new-found love of God and their new-found appreciation for themselves. Thank goodness for a fellow church member who handed me tissues when I realized I ran out.

The "huddle".  
There was cheering and a loud ruckus coming from this tight group of kids.  I believe they were psyching themselves up for their plot to take over the world.

The seniors from our church ... So many of them will be leaving us soon ... too soon.

The entire of our church kids ... they may look like a mild-mannered group - but they aren't.  We know them too well.

Now this is more like them.


Amazingly, the church survived.  Doesn't it look peaceful?

Until next year...

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