Sunday, July 22, 2012

I never feared walking in the dark until .....

This week I decided to do the writing challenge for NaNoWriMO. The challenge was fairly simple:

In 200 words or slightly less, fill in the blank:

I never feared walking in the dark until .....

I never feared walking in the dark until I got cats. That was when I learned
that I no longer dared walk through a darkened room. After all, one can't just
assume the path is clear when there are cats in the house. No. Those days of
simply strolling through my home are gone. An innocent walk to the bathroom
late at night can turn suddenly into an odd dance of sorts. One where you are
forced to jump and leap about as you realize your path is strewn with all
manners of toys meant to amuse the family feline. Toys like busy balls and
catnip mice, which crunch or squish underfoot. Sometimes you even encounter
the cats themselves, curled up in sleep in the middle of the room. Shrieking
as they are surprised out of their deep slumber by your foot against some part
of their body. Other times it is your turn to shriek when the cats are awake
and decide that you look like someone who would enjoy being frightened, as
they pounce on your foot like it were a mouse that should be gnawed upon.

Ah, yes, then there are the mice...

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