Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun in the Snow

Heavy Lake Effect snow storm.  Cold temperatures. What do you do?  You go outside, of course. 

When we bought our house, our mail carrier left a note asking us to raise our mailbox.  The post had been snapped off so many times by snow plows that she had to lean WAY out of her SUV window to reach the box.  We decided to replace the entire set-up and I gave Jerome the mailbox - this is what he did with it. Andrew put it in one of the flower gardens. We usually leave the door open but we don't want some creature making a home inside the mailbox over the winter.

Come on over.  Have  a seat.  I dare you. 

Unless you would rather get comfy on the deck and have a bar-be-que.

Andrew had just come in the house after shoveling and cleaning off the cars.  A couple of hours after we came in Matthew went out and used the, supposed, broken snow-blower to clean up what Andrew had just shoveled.

I thought this looked pretty cool.  The snow was level with the window on the deck.  No shoveling off the deck in this household.  We like to see how deep the snow can get by the time winter is finished. 

 My Amanda.  She had homework for her photography class so she had to take black and white photos of me with the school's 35mm camera.  The last time she used me as a subject, all of the photos were ruined in developing.  Normally, she does a really good job with that so I'm kind of developing a complex about it.

 Sometimes Amanda just annoys me so I just like to push her aside.  Of course I protected the school's camera.

Pretty, isn't it? 

Well, that is an efficient use of a snow-fence. 

Amanda wimped out and said she was cold as the snow started coming down harder.  What?  Does she have an issue with being pushed in the snow? 

Looking up the hill behind my house.  One of the perks of living on a hill is we don't have to go far to go sledding. 

This tree caught my eye when we were looking at the house and I've taken photos of it in almost every season.  Amazingly, Autumn isn't a good season for this beautiful oak.  Her leaves just turn brown and drop.  But in winter, she is my favourite subject. 

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  1. Awww.. How cool !.... I Love this Blog...Wow, looks like You finally got Your snow... It looks beautiful, and Amanda's smile !..Nice work... I Love it !...
    PS..I made some Roti Kukus, and posted a tune that reminded me of You.....So,smooth...


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