Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

This is so cool!  I have only been blogging for a year now and, to be honest, until the last few months I had kind of been neglecting my blog.  Lately I've been pushing my blog a little more in both content and where I share it, hoping to get it noticed a little bit more.  Yesterday, I received an awesome compliment from one of my favourite bloggers out there The Lucky Mom.  

I love her blog!  Did I mention that.  Lisha invites her readers into her home with such intelligence, honesty and a dry wit that I can totally relate to.  Reading blogs like hers has helped me be less timid in my topics and, I think, helps to make my blog more interesting.  Then here she comes along and nominates me.  Thank you so much, Lisha. This really made my day!

Would it be too corny to quote Sally Field here?  "You like me, You really like me!"

Okay, now down to business.  There are some rules for those who receive the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.
1. Thank my nominator.
     Done, but I will repeat myself here.  Thank you Lisha at The Lucky Mom
2. Seven things about myself:
  • I grew up in "Mayberry" with my Dad the Chief Deputy Sheriff to my Uncle being Sheriff.
  • My Mom was a "War Bride", born and raised in Germany and my two oldest brothers were born there also.
  • My oldest son was born on Guam at the Naval Hospital in  Hagåtña when his Dad was a Captain  (pharmacist) in the Air Force and we were stationed at Andersen Air Force Base.  I often call my son a Chamarro (native Guamanian). 
  • Before moving to our current home, my children and I helped run the county animal shelter that the guy I was with had built behind our home.  I actually managed it and helped keep it clean.  It was family-run after all.   On occasion I would do Dog Control work for him too. The result of working there is we have 12 cats (3 recently wandered in, I hope I can find their homes), 6 dogs (one belongs to a friend, I am trying to re-home him for her and four are sample dogs, so they only count as one - that makes it really only two 2 dogs then right?), 4 chickens (may I sneak in here that I speak fluent chicken?), two bunnies (they are so soft), two rats (seriously, why do they wash their faces every time I kiss them?), a red-eared slider (Hey, it's Franklin!), and a cockatiel (someone make that bird stop barking!).
  • I know how to play piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone and cello, I even took singing lessons for 5 years. I'm teaching myself to play my son's guitar now -  I love music!
  • I modeled for a while when I was younger. 
  • I clean when I am angry .... or bored .... or sad .... or just because I like the way the house looks and smells afterward.
3. Pass the award:
4. Contact my nominees.  
     Getting right on it as soon as I get back from church.
Check out the blogs I nominated and my nominator, The Lucky Mom.  They are all fantastic sites!


  1. Wow, thank you! This is so, so kind of you!

  2. Thank you for this!! I actually got nominated by another blogging friend in 2011 (before I found you), and since there just aren't that many interesting things about me to do more facts, I'll share that post with you. :)

    The Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy - Versatile Blogger Award


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