Monday, November 5, 2012

When ADD Goes Into Hyper-drive

Another Sunday.  Another day of rambling.  This time it was me, in a state of over-tired delirium writing random thoughts onto my bulletin as they popped into my mind. 

I began by taking notes during the sermon. Note? Yes. More like note. I only wrote one sentence before my train of thought was derailed and never quite got back on track.  

You see,  I had gotten to sleep at around midnight.  I figured since we would be setting the clocks back I could stay up an hour later.  Ah, yes.  Sleep.  How I love it.  I was going to get eight glorious hours of sleep. I was going to wake rested and refreshed and ready for a beautiful day.  Oh peaceful night!

5:30 am...

Matthew's alarm went off...

He hit the snooze button...

Three times...

In my dazed state I was trying to figure out why he had set his alarm for such an un-Godly hour.  He didn't have to be at church until 8 am for sound check.  Then I realized he had forgotten to reset his clock.  

If I could just get back to sleep everything would be okay.  

It was so dark out. 

Why won't my brain shut down?


I couldn't get back to sleep!

Finally, my overly cheerful cell phone alarm went off.

I hate you!!

Back to my mind in church:

I wrote across the top, but really to myself "I have been awake since 5:30. I should beat Matthew."
Amanda saw what I wrote and wrote back "Yeah! With banana peels"
Thinking of the pumpkin guts the boys had left for the chickens I wrote "pumpkin pieces"
Amanda responded with a silly happy face with exclamation point eyes.

I was listening intently but couldn't find anything to note about the sermon so I began writing to myself:

I am too tired to focus
I hab a code
I need a nap
I'm seeing things move across the ceiling in my peripheral vision
I need sleep!!
I want a cookie
I left my bagel in the toaster oven
My neck is sore. I slept wrong
My tummy is growling
I have candy corn in my purse but I really want a Headlight from Sanders
That's what I want, a BMT from Subway
And Doritos. I need salt
I need to message Ginny about decorating
Linda, too, about the kettle bell-ringing
Man. I am so hungry. Why did I leave my bagel in the toaster oven? Now I have to go to the store hungry
My shoulder pads are messed up. How do I fix them without looking like I'm picking at my bra strap?
Pastor Bob does a good Wilma Flintstone imitation
Food!  I believe in food
shhhh.... Stop growling. I promise I'll feed you.
No! He's speaking Catholic sayings.  Don't make me go back there!
Lord's Supper - torture for those with growling bellies
I believe in food - didn't I write that already
I can't talk to the person who brought me, that would make everyone stare at me if I talk to myself in public
Don't growl during prayer!
These communion wafers taste like Saltines left open for a month
I need to clean my closet
If Fred keeps playing this song I'm going to fall asleep
Service is running over
Must have coffee!
Oh right, we're in the middle of communion. I forgot
Matthew said that?  He's so smart
Unlike his sister who just dumped her communion cup on her notebook.  
Good job Amanda!
You know you are tired when a guitar in a stand looks like a vacuum cleaner leaning on a wall
Pastor Bob brought up drinking a lot
There must be a craft project you can do with used communion cups.
Besides a wreath - I mean
Although that is a cute idea. 
I have a straw wreath and countless cups from Lowville Baptist. I just need a nice ribbon. Hmmmm.....
I need coffee.
Matthew is right.  There is a place called a grocery store where you can buy everything to make your own sub.  He's smart and frugal
Where do the pew bibles keep going?
Mandy is going to the coffee bar to get me coffee *sigh*
Candy corn -yummy!
Eww?!?  You're nuts girl!



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