Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Something To Be Thankful For

I got such wonderful news today. With everything that has been going wrong with my life, it's a welcome break.  

My oldest daughter.  My fellow redhead.  My Mini-Me (her 5 feet-even to my towering 5 feet 2 inches).  Winnie. Bugs.  My beautiful India Sierra will be coming home for Christmas Break.

We didn't think it would happen. Money is too tight and my cars are just not reliable enough to drive the six hours to her college home in the Albany area. Her boyfriend's mom drove across the state to pick her up and when her cell phone minutes ran out we began relying on her using the library computer to chat almost daily.  

I barely remember the sound of her voice but I will never forget the feel of her hug.  She loves to hug.  She loves to talk too - non-stop (she is a mini me after all)-  but hugging is her favourite thing to do. She would talk to Matthew for hours.  She calls him her best friend.  It isn't often that siblings love each other as much as they do.  They share a special bond, a special closeness.  

We had chatted about her, maybe, coming home for mid-winter break.  She should have a job by then so it would depend on her schedule.  I haven't seen her since she left in August.  Even with five of my children still at home, it feels like part of me is missing.   I miss her so much.

On Sunday our church's office manager was asking about her when I said India can't come home for the Holidays, there is no money.   This lovely lady said she would pray about it.  Yesterday she tried to call me but I was resting.  Today I called her back at the church office and she told me they are paying for India's bus fare. 

I don't know how to thank them enough.  I have something special to be thankful for - my little girl is coming home. 

I Love You, India.

I found this video and it just seemed to fit my mood so well right now.




  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Ingrid ! .. What a wonderful story and happy thoughts ... I miss You, but am so thankful for for having You in my life .. Thank You for being You and loving me the way You do ..

  2. What wonderful news!! I love it when things work out when we leaset expect them too!! How exciting. And yes--by her picture (and yours off to the right) I can see she is definitely your mini-you :D

    Cheers, Jenn


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