Friday, November 2, 2012

Turn It Up - or - Get That Song Out of My Head!

This weeks' prompt from Red Writing Hood is called Turn It Up. We had 350 words in the genre of your choice, inspired by a song of your choice.

Taylor Swifts' "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

This song has been ingrained so deeply into my head that it will never ever go away. I wake to it in the morning and it's running through my brain at night. It isn't like I actually like this song.  Oh God no.  

I have teenagers and this song is sung in my car and on trips on school buses. Anywhere that they can sing it. Do they actually like it? I doubt it. I truly think they just find the song irritating and have decided to sing it endlessly to drive their poor long-suffering Mom crazy! Being teens, when they see I am trying to tune them out, they sing it all the more.  Why? Because they love to torture me. It's something that brings them great joy. The same joy they get when my mind takes over my mouth and I start singing the song. Then they all high-five each other!

I realize Taylor has a reputation of writing break-up songs whenever a relationship ends, but really. Did she have to stoop to this level and try to appeal to the pop song lovers? Everyone knows they favour more simplistic songs. Songs well below the types she normally writes.

I'm not a big fan of hers to begin with. After all, her claim to fame seems to be break-up songs. Not exactly my cup of tea. I mean, when do you listen to these? I know people who listen to break-up songs during romantic evenings but they are only listening to the music and have no idea what the lyrics are all about. I listen to the words and find very few of her songs worth my time. I want songs I can think about, or about love, or fun, or even cows. I don't care. As long as they aren't depressing – or stupid. Taylor seemed to be aiming for the latter on this one. This song is so incredibly stupid.

Is she losing her grip? Or is this just a temporary thing because she was so devastated by the loss. Whatever it is, I want this song to go away and never come back.

I want this song to stay out of my head!

Curse you, Taylor Swift! "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

                              Day two of this month of gratitude:

I am grateful for Johannes.  I have never met anyone who loves me as much                as he does and I have never loved anyone this deeply before.




  1. "That Swift's songs crazy, so here's my comment, don't call me lazy..." Just a little riff from the song that has driven me crazy from the past summer!

    Would you believe I finally heard that Taylor Swift song a couple of weeks ago, and now I know why my daughter has sounded so...weird...she'd end her sentences with "and I mean never...ever..." And I was like "what are you saying, what has that got to do with anything?" And she'd give me a weird look.

    1. You crack me up!

      Your song was so irritating, isn't it nice that it's been replaced by one as irritating. LOL!

  2. When a song gets in my head, it drives me crazy. I think that's why I hated piano lessons ---practicing the same music over and over made me nauseous.

    Once, National Public Radio produced a segment about songs that get in one's head. In the background, they played the Candy Man song over and over. Most of their letters that week weren't agreeing with or complaining about their reporting, but were about having the Candy man song in listeners' heads for days. Since then, the song-in-the-head phenomena has been dubbed "The Candy Man Syndrome."

    Now, I'm sorry I wrote this comment. I can't get that stupid dong out of my head.


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