Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Blogging Black Hole and Picasa's Control On My Life.

A simple little setting change can cause so much trouble.  Since posting my last blog, I've been trying to figure out why my photos disappeared on all of my blogs and pages.  Tonight I called in the troops.  Okay, I called in Matthew - who can fix anything.  

He was completely befuddled by blogger.  

In his years of web developing he has never used blogger and would never recommend it. Of course not, it's a template and he doesn't use templates - he's a developer, after all, and speaks fluent PHP. Which is why he had me purchase a blog on Wordpress.  He figured it was a much better way to blog for a layman like myself.  it's still a template, but a much more challenging template with more features. But I still couldn't break my tie with blogger. I don't think it's a love of blogger so much as that I make money through the ads that run here. 

Plus my blog looks pretty nice; if I do say so myself.

Back to the photos issue.

Most of my photos were showing up as black boxes with white lines.  When Matthew gave up, I went into full Google search mode - there is a reason why my kids call me "The Google Queen". I can find anything! Including the answer to this dilemma.

It was Picasa.

A few weeks ago I realized that all of my albums suddenly went public on Picasa so I limited them.  Unknown to me that meant I stopped all of my blog photos from being seen by the public.  That would mean you folks. Sorry...

In my messing around on the blogs I discovered that my Wordpress blog needed some tweaking: duplicate posts, missing tags, text and background colour needing to be changed.  Thankfully, Matthew has been helping me understand html so I don't have to keep running to him.

Guess what I'll be doing....

Lucky me


  1. I for one love your blogs .. With each one, we get a lil' picture of Your life and what a beautiful person You are . And, I agree, Your blog looks very nice ! :)

  2. I can barely handle Blogger, let alone Wordpress. I have virtually no coding knowledge and it annoys me to need it. I want to spend my time reading and writing posts, not messing around with techie gibberish.


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