Thursday, October 18, 2012

Krispy Kreme and Maytags

First, let me tell you about an important event in my home.  It revolves around a fundraiser at school. In this case it was an item my "daughter" Rachel was selling through FBLA. At least I think it was FBLA.  I'm not sure but who was selling it really isn't important.(editor's note: it was senior class)

Because - The Krispy Kreme's are here!!!

Hidden safely in my room. I'm not sure how wise this is.

I've been playing with new recipes all week so this is the first time I've had a chance to talk about my weekend:

Regular football season is over.  For high school, anyway.  Now it's time for the play-off's.  My last home game was definitely not on a boring day.

I didn't feel like making chili for the football game on Friday so I woke early Saturday to get it going. I've made chili every home game this season.  It isn't like we are big chili eaters. It's just that it is so easy and it makes the house smell so good!

While the chili simmered, I took Jerome to bowling seven miles away. Once he was all settled in, I came back home to pick up the chili and Amanda. When I got home Andrew asked me who I was talking to about his hair.  Apparently, when Jerome dropped his cell out of his pocket at the bowling alley it dialed home and they heard me talking to the school nurse (her family owns the bowling alley) about Amanda's adventures in hair-cutting that resulted in me giving Andrew a brush cut to repair it.

Then back to the bowling alley until it was time to take Amanda to school for cheer practice, another five miles down the road from the bowling alley. Once I dropped Amanda off, I headed back to the bowling alley until Jerome finished playing his third frame and we both could help get the concession stand ready for the game.

Then we went to school to help set up the stand. Since there were plenty of teens that showed up to work (they get credit for this), the advisor and I got to relax during the game.  Some of the men, however, were trying to figure out why only my crock pot had power and nothing else. After being on for over 1 1/2 hours, the coffee and hot water pots were still cold (I found this out when I went to wrap my fingers on the coffee pot to warm them after stocking the coolers with soda - or "pop" as they call it here. I thought my fingers would stick to the pot). Even the cheese for the nachos was still thick and cold.  Eventually they did get them going - I wonder if it was simply a reset on the outlet.

Walking Taco - a gametime staple

It was wicked cold out so I was nestled between one of the school guidance counselors and another Cheer mom while we cheered our Pirates.  The girls were getting cold in their cheer skirts and hoodies so their hand motions were a bit off but everyone understood since we all were shivering.  The cheerleaders for the other team wore jackets and yoga pants.  I guess this is what happens when the girls want to look good.

While Jerome was staying warm in the car.  Amanda grabbed me after the cheerleaders half-time dance. She was famished! Jerome came up and wanted to grab a bite to eat too. He and I decided to eat in the car and defrost.  Great idea. Too bad it didn't pan out. It turned out he locked the keys in the car.

I called Matthew and then Jerome and I headed over to the bar-be-que grill.  It was so warm there!  While we waited for the car to be unlocked, Jerome sat in the advisor's van to stay warm and I stayed by the grill.  Did I mention Jerome was wearing shorts and flip-flips with socks? And there was frost on the ground when we left the house!

So Matthew and Andrew made it before the end of fourth quarter and after the game was turning around and we were starting to score, so the crowd was wild.  I saw them pull in and led Matthew over to meet the Advisor and her husband, the Music Director.  The husband was from our hometown and his Dad is active in our former church (that Matthew is remotely - meaning via computer - active with to this day), so they had heard about Matthew.

We waited until the game was over and then I put the guys to work helping shut down the booth before we headed out to the cars sitting almost alone on opposite sides of the parking lot.  It always works that way, doesn't it?  Jerome and I walked over to the car and waited until Matthew pulled up with the van. When I heard the click of the doors unlocking, we jumped in and the race began...

I don't know what it is but we are always determined to beat each other home.  There is no speeding involved. We like to take the route the other doesn't to try to get home first. Yet, he usually wins.

Back home.  Will I ever be warm again?

Matthew fixed the dryer yesterday and he used it to wash his clothes today.

This is when I realized that some people are just push-overs.

I used to watch my ex take the cars, or riding lawn mower, in for tune-ups only to bring them back in to the shop weeks later for repairs.  Contractors would do work and things would be broken after they left so they would charge him to repair the damage they had done. There were so many times things like this happened..

Then there is the washer and dryer.  I wanted a Kenmore. I would have settled for a Whirlpool. But no. The on-again off-again "whatever you want to call her" of my ex managed an appliance store and repair shop so he insisted we buy a Maytag from her.  She told him the models she talked him into buying had all these bells and whistles and would do so much. I looked at them and thought how they looked like a lower model for a higher price.

When we got them, I had nothing but problems and she kept sending their repair guy over and would charge us even though he never fixed it properly.   When we moved I found a repair guy who fixed the washer and it finally drained properly but the dryer still wouldn't dry until we ran it for a second hour each load.  Recently the seal went. It was scrapping and making all sorts of noises so Matthew ordered the parts and guess what.

It dries!!!

For the first time in five years!!

*Doing the Happy Dance*


---until the washer broke down---

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  1. Holy cow, those Krispy Kremes would NOT be safe around me! I'd have to keep them at someone else's house.


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