Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy International Frustrating Scream Day

Seriously. Could this day be better named?     

As it is, my dryer decided a few days ago that it wanted to not just make socks disappear but chews up any clothes it can grab hold of. Then it plays tug-of-war with the clothes when we try to take them back.  Matthew ordered the parts while we reverted back to using the clothes line until he fixes it.

Let's move on to this morning, shall we?

I wake my kids at 6am for the bus.  I'm no dummy, though, and I always crawl back under the blankets where it's warm.  

William came into my room this morning and told me his teacher wants the paper signed that she sent home the other day. I told him I signed a bunch of papers but he insisted it was something different.  Unfortunately, he didn't know where the paper went since it wasn't in the notebook I pass back and forth with his teacher.

Then the kids were beginning to head out for their 6:35 bus pick-up when Andrew told me he was signed up to bring brownies to a party first period (at 8:13!!!).  

So much for going back to sleep after they left.  

I got to school at 7:58 and dropped the still-hot brownies off at the front desk.  Yeah!  I made it!  Now I can relax. Okay, do housework, close enough since I find that relaxing.  Working on the computer was interesting since my cordless mouse has a mind of it's own and I was blocked by FB from liking any pages for two days for "abusing the privilege" of liking by clicking "like" on too many pages. 

While I was pottying the dogs, the Pomeranian sneezed and I was lamenting - in baby talk - about her sneezing while I hooked her out. As I was talking, I looked up and saw the Fed Ex truck in the driveway with the door open and the driver looking at me.  The excitement of the dryer parts arriving ALMOST over-shadowed my embarrassment. 

I had to pick Amanda up from practice after school.  Normally she would ride the late bus but today's practice was just for the stunt cheerleaders and was to last exactly 24 minutes.  She was insistent I pick her up and that I was to be at school at 3:30.

It's a 12 mile drive so I made sure I rolled into the bus entrance to the school by 3:28. 

We train our children well, don't we? Most people going into the school parking lot use an entrance marked on both sides "Do Not Enter" "Buses only".  That only counts if you know buses will be there, after all.

Back to my day:
I have always carried a book in my purse since the traffic jams at the I-10/410 interchange in San Antonio kept me in my car for hours. So, I pulled my book out (not the same book as in San Antonio) and started reading it. Every so often I would look around.  I began realizing there were only football players in the field and no cheerleaders were coming out of the building.  

To the phone: I waited until the bus would be at the house before calling home - no answer.  I called Andrew's cell.  Apparently he hadn't made it to my room (where it's kept during school), so - no answer.  I tried Matthew's cell - no answer there either. Back to trying the landline where, surprise, Matthew answered and told me Amanda was home.

Back home and Amanda was all happy because she had learned hair cutting in Cosmetology at BOCES this week. Andrew volunteered to be her first guinea pig.  I swear, he looks like Rhianna now!!!

The Wooly Bear that I found on my front deck when I released the spider had a narrow brown band and really large black ends - which means a long, cold winter.

And the Greyhound has gas...

I'd hide under my blankets if I didn't have to make chili for the football game tomorrow and see what I can do to fix Andrew's hair. 


  1. 1) a girl was sick today so practice was cancelled. 2) you do have make chili and setup and work 1,2,3and 4 quarter and clean up.
    3)I'm sooooo sorry for what I did to Andrew's hair.

    1. Use a phone next time. Okie Dokie. I only heard about the chili. It will grow back - Use attachments next time.

  2. What an awesome day ! .. You can't say, "You were bored" .. Oh really ? "Facebook" slapped your hand for liking too many pages ?... Naughty, naughty .. that's what you get for "liking" so much stuff ..You naughty "page liker" You .. :p

    1. Bored? No chance!
      I am. I'm a naughty page liker and should be beaten for it. LOL!

  3. Aw this is cracking me up! So glad I found you! And man, I'd kill for some hot brownies about now!!

    ~el from RFHWE

    1. Thanks, El! I'm glad you found me too. I'll try to keep you laughing. Fresh brownies in the oven now.

  4. Got this through Sandra's Old Post Hop! Enjoyed learning all about the joys of parenting! :-)

  5. Gosh, sounds like one of my days. Thanks for linking up!


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