Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WAKE UP!!!!!!

 It was one of those mornings.  When all you can do is shake your head and laugh.  

William has Asperger's Syndrome and doesn't like it when things go off schedule. That does not include his mornings. He insists on taking a nightly shower after everyone else has gone to bed, no matter how difficult it is to wake him in the morning. Last night Amanda took her usual hour-long shower at bedtime, which left William with a 10 pm shower time. 

This morning I woke him three times, at 6 am, 6:15 and finally at 6:20.  Jerome woke him at 6:30 and Amanda did at 6:33 - with a minute until the bus made it down the hill  to the front of our house.  As the bus pulled away, William yanked on his clothes and ran out the door carrying one shoe - the other misplaced.

Side note:
I have a policy of NOT giving the kids a ride to school when they refuse to wake. I used to do this and the kids took advantage of it. They stopped waking for the bus and had me drive them in every day.  So, no more rides from Mom. 

Back to this morning:
When William realized the bus was long past the bend and he couldn't catch it, he came back inside. That's when I asked him if he had planned to go to school without his shoe. He told me he couldn't find it and didn't have a choice.  He asked for a ride in but I reminded him that ship sailed long ago.  

As I went back for a catnap before beginning my day, I heard William walking downstairs lamenting "I remember how you used to give us rides to school instead of dealing with this bus nonsense.  I miss those days." 

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  1. Aaaah, yes .. I remember it well .. the "good ol' days" ..


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