Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Orange Bowl of High School Football

As promised in my last blog, today my blog will be about the Clymer Central-vs-Chautauqua Lake Sectionals Football Game.  The Buffalo Bills welcomed the teams to play in their home stadium (Ralph Wilson Stadium).  
This is what I posted on my Facebook in honour of my Sweet Cheerleader and the team:  
Clymer Central, for which my daughter is on the cheer squad, played their sectional game this afternoon in the Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium. Even though they lost, I want to let them all know how proud I am of them. Not just that they made it this far (don't forget how well you played throughout the season) but also for their sportsman-like behaviour. Never before have I seen an entire team get on their knee out of respect for injured players on opposing teams. Never have I seen cheerleaders cheer on the opposing cheer squads routines. It's little things like this, and your other kindnesses, that show people how truly great you are. You kids are winners in my book. Congratulations Pirates! You rock!!

Amazingly, Mandi was more excited that our minister drove the four hour round-trip to support two teens from our church (Mandi and one of the football players).  I am so grateful to him for caring enough to make that drive.  
"Welcome to the 2011 Section VI High School Play-Offs!! Class "DD" Championship Clymer Pirates vs. Chautauqua Lake T-Birds"
 The game was on Buffalo news.  How cool is that?
 The cheer squad and their coach.  I'm partial to the second from the right.
 Standing center-field on the Buffalo Bills logo.  Even cooler!!
 I wish I was big on football, then I could tell you who this "Bill" is.  I'm thinking his name probably isn't "Bill" though.
 I'm guessing they love Bob.
 Obviously, they don't love the Chautauqua Lake T-Bird.  Lesson here: don't tick off the cheerleaders. (Note: the mascot posted on Mandi's wall, apologizing for offending the cheerleaders.  How sweet.)
 Is this an attempt at The Third Position in ballet?
 Okay, everybody!  Come over here and have a seat. 
 On to a little Irish Step Dancing.
 No one rocks the 20 yard line like Clymer!
 Look! Up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane! It's Superman!!!
 Flying into center-field!
 Nobody move!  I dropped my contact lens around here somewhere!
 "We're showering where the Buffalo Bills shower!!"  Yes, that is a direct quote.
All the graceful cheerleader girly-runs.  Find the cheerleader with four brothers.  Look carefully.  I'm sure you'll be able to spot her.

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  1. Nice ! Very nice !,,, You should be proud of her, Mom !... Way to go Mandy, keep it up and never stop...Just remember, were keepin' an eye on You, and we like what we see.... Go Pirates !


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