Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Flu Season!!! Yippee?

Pregnancy puts some sort of anti-virus into your body.  This must be true because the only times I didn't have the flu were when I was pregnant.  Those winters when my ex talked me into a flu shot I still managed to find a strain that wasn't covered by the shot.  This year, true to form, I started early on my "bug collecting".  Can't miss out, you know.   

This fall I thought I would start out slowly.  Maybe with something a little mellower.  Some aches and pains.  Throw in a chronic headache and toss in some dizziness.  Take it easy, we don't want to get over-whelmed too soon.  After all, it isn't like life is going to stop and let me relax.  Heck no!  There's school concerts, parent-teacher conferences, grocery shopping, Thanksgiving prep.  

My poor kids had to suffer too.  After all they had to eat all that homemade soup that I kept serving them.  In their minds, if it isn't Ramen or tomato soup then it's just a cruel form of torture that I like to inflict on them.

Thank God for tea.  I drank so much tea that I may quite possibly be developing a British accent.  Recommendation: cinnamon apple spice left steeping overnight.  It turns so sweet!  Yummy!!!  (I learned this when I fell asleep half-way through the cup.)

After sitting through a meeting at church where I thought for a second that the carpeted floor of the narthex looked like a really comfortable place for a nap.  Followed by the "quick" 90 minute trip to the store and the drive home through the star-field created by the falling snow in the headlights, I feel amazingly better.  

That was a piece-of-cake.  

Come-on flu season. I'm ready for more.... Bring it on!!

Just remember to be kind.

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  1. Don't wave You're finger at Mr. Flu... He has a bad disposition...Good thing to protect one's self if You're elderly, and or,at risque....


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