Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Dreams Are Just To Bizarre To Explain, Part 2

Hey Folks!

Are you ready for another installment of Some Dreams Are Just To Bizarre To Explain?

I actually had this dream just before I woke in the morning the other day and it left me, again, thinking "What the heck?"  

Feel free to send me any ideas of what this means.


It began with me getting out of bed. My still-faceless husband wanted to sleep in - even though I felt we both needed exercise. To let him sleep while I exercised (because I'm a sweetie that way), I rolled the stair climber into the next room. 

For reasons never explained I took the steps off to move the machine and began working on reattaching it after rolling the machine to the room outside the bedroom.  The steps wouldn't go back on.  

Some guy walked up to me and offered to help. I looked over at the bedroom door while trying to figure out who this dude was and why he was in my house. 

He couldn't attach them either.

Now it gets really weird...

I heard another man nearby say he had a lot of people bring those in to get fixed and he could get the stair climber going in a few minutes, as soon as he grabbed his tools.  I looked over at the voice and saw it was an older man, wiping his hands on an oil covered rag
standing in front of a car being worked on
in a car repair shop.

Then I woke up


  1. Mum yesterday when I took a 4 hour nap because i wasn't feeling well I had a really bizarre dream. I was at a cafe with a guy friend then all of a sudden 2 black guys came over and told my guy friend to stay away from their "wifey" because I'm theirs. Then they noticed me texting Cody and they took my phone and texted him the same thing they said. They gave back my phone and left. Before I woke up, I turned to my guy friend and asked, "Who ARE those guys?" with an extremely confused expression.

    1. Glad to see my weird dreams are hereditary, Inny.

  2. dreams are an inexplicable law of life that we live out each night


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