Friday, March 1, 2013

The Joys of Momhood

I hab a code.

It started fiercely enough. 

Jerome gave me his cough, when I risked snuggling with him.  It is one of those gross, hacking, flemmy coughs that leaves you looking around hoping that no one heard you.  The cough prevented me from volunteering in the pre-school at church last Sunday.

Now that I've stopped coughing as much, I have worked my way to frequent sneezing fits that go on for several minutes. 

And I'm pulling Barista duty at church on Sunday.

Well, I did encourage my children to share. 

So... in that case,

Thanks, Jerome. 

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  1. I never matters how contagious a child might be. A mother's heart will always cry out for the sick. Hugs are sometimes the best cure, and if not a cure then certainly the only comfort.


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