Thursday, May 3, 2012

Requiem For A Bose

I knew it was inevitable.  I just hoped it wouldn't be anytime soon.  

The Bose is dying.

It was not 9:52 when I took this picture.
We've been having issues with the CD player having to be restarted repeatedly before it actually would begin playing music - Oh, but the sound that comes out when it does begin.  

My kids made fun of me mercilessly and kept threatening to take my remote away because they seem to believe alarm clocks shouldn't have remotes. 

Well, of course they should!  How else would you hit the snooze button?

We had a power surge the other day and ever since the time has reset itself overnight.  I think it gains a few minutes every hour.  I thought at first that a cat was stepping on the buttons so I placed a notebook on top of them last night to prevent that. 

Then came this morning...  The alarm went off at 5:23am.  Was it set for 5:23am?  Heck no! It was set for 6:15am.  Thirty minutes before the bus pulls up front to take my kids on the one hour ride to school, twelve minutes away (it's vast countryside around here).  

I turned off my alarm and decided I would wait until Andrew's alarm went off...

Jump forward to waking to the phone ringing.  Johannes asked me if I had tried to call him.  I realized it was WAY too sunny and asked what time it was.  He told me around 8:00 my time (he's in Oregon).  I jumped up to see if the kids left without saying "Bye".  

They were all asleep!!!  

I ran from room-to-room waking everyone, told Johannes I had to run, grabbed my keys and headed for the van.  

Jammies, crocs, messy hair, smudged make-up - I didn't care.  

We made it to school only a few minutes late for first period!  --- Sweet!!


Now let us all bow our heads in memory of the Bose...

Until next time,


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  1. Dear 'Bose', I hope You recover from Your illness, and should You not recover.... may You rest in peace...


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