Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Another Saturday...

Last night India told me she had made a hair appointment for first thing this morning, and then she headed off to bed.  I was a bit worried because she has been bugging me to get a perm and she has short hair, having recently gotten 18 inches cut off so she could get her adorable multi-layered style. (Of course, she donated her locks to Locks of Love:)  I kept picturing her looking like Little Orphan Annie after she gets a perm. 

This morning we headed out after she reassured me that she was merely getting a trim.  I'm okay now...

I made it through her appointment despite forgetting one of my omnipresent books and as a result having to gag my way through magazines telling us of the latest Hollywood gossip.  *Hack!*

We headed over to the grocery store for some essentials. While we were looking at produce, India stood next to me and held out the coconut that she had in her hand so that it was next to the lime in mine.  Without thinking, both of us started singing   "You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up" as shoppers circled around us, looking befuddled.  

(I love that word, don't you?)

On to the drug store for make-up essentials. We decided to check out the perfumes while we were there so India and I tested several by spraying the air in front of us.  The cashier commented on how nice the store suddenly smelled.  If I could remember all that we tried, I would buy them all and mix them because the scent that covers me now is perfect.

Next, the hardware store.  We ended up parking practically behind the store since everyone apparently wants to do work around their homes on Saturday - who knew?  We bought the screens to repair damage done by Dang Dog and then to...

Agway for chicken feed and to play with Riley for a few minutes.  She is a beautiful Tortie/Tabby who lives in the store and loves being petted but hates when people leave. 

Last stop, the thrift shop.  India didn't want to volunteer today so we decided to see if Jerome's sweatshirt was still in the office.  No luck.  It probably was sold.  *Sigh*  Anyway, I found all sorts of nice shirts and some various items that I just couldn't resist - like this sweet Lori McPhee print that made me think of Johannes because of his love of jazz, 
and this adorable kitchen clock. The hour hand is a fork, the minute hand is a knife and the second hand is a spoon.  How cute it that?

One of the shirts that I debated on, India picked up later to buy.  We chatted for quite a while with two of India's friends who also volunteer there and with the adult volunteers, before checking out.  At the register I looked at a watch but decided that I would just get a battery for mine.  While I was being rung up, India came up and asked to see the same watch.  How fun that India and I have so similar taste!  Although I completely disagree with her theory on our shared clothing.  When she goes away to college, she DOES NOT get custody of the clothes!!!  

Finally - home. Matthew replaced the torn screen and then we spent the next half an hour trying to figure out how to remove a seven-foot glass panel from the storm door so we could put the screen panel in.  Eventually he discovered how.  Now we can take advantage of the constant wind on those hot days. 

As for my recent discussion with Amanda:  Yes, we have cold patches that randomly appear throughout the house.  Now say "Excuse me" to the people who share the house with us. You obviously just walked through someone. 

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