Saturday, August 13, 2011

Volunteering - Family Style

Yesterday I was on Facebook and in my feed was a plea from our local thrift shop looking for volunteers to help sort and put away donations filling their shop.  I didn't even think about it when I volunteered a few of my kids to go with me to help out.  Later, when I told them I had volunteered my girls to go with me, my sons wanted to come along.  This morning as we were getting ready to head out, my oldest son said he wanted to go with us.  Since he is so busy with work, this was a pleasant surprise.

After spending a couple of hours at the thrift shop we all walked away feeling good about our day and about ourselves. 

We took a lunch break over at DQ and laughed and chatted about how much fun we had and how we can't wait to go back to help some more.

Then over to church.

My oldest went to work straightening up the praise band area from the general untidiness left behind from Vacation Bible School.  While he worked the rest of us found work to do until the church was back in order.  

It was a fantastic day and we all feel great having helped others.  We discussed this and decided to do this at least monthly, if not more often.  

Volunteering warms the heart.

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  1. You and the Kids are to be commended....You are awesome !!... Thank You for "warming" my heart and being a part of my Life !


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