Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Family That Eats Together

Family dinners have always been a special time of day.  Even though the gang often have other activities that keep us from eating together, I still try to sit down as a family as much as possible.  I learn a lot during dinner.  I've heard about who my kid's friends are dating and if that person is good enough, in their opinion.  I learn about the happenings on the school bus, like the girl who gave my Cutie Patootie a bloody nose.  The poor guy, not only did he get his nose punched by a girl but then he had to listen to his Mom and sisters "ooh" and "ah" over just how big a crush the little girl must have on him.   Middle Brother has to put up with the debate on if he likes a neighbour and whether or not he can date her since she calls me "Mom".  When I'm over-tired I easily laugh over the simplest thing and I continue until I can't breathe.  Brat Boy and his sister Evil One like to use dinner time to get me into one of my laughing spells.  They also like to say phrases or words to see if they can make me randomly break out in song, they usually can.  Tonight we plotted Evil One's senior prank -it's a good one!  I cherish these meals together and the laughter that rings through the air.  I hope this can continue for a long time to come.

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  1. A Family that eats together, is almost a lost tradition...I am so glad, You try to keep that alive....It's true, when we as a Family eat together, You will learn and bond during this simple get together, and I too, hope it remains and continues....


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