Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life Goes On

Tomorrow I am heading to Oregon.  I would love to live there if I could.  Not in the same area that Johannes lives but somewhere an hour or so away so that we could start our own lives.  But, alas, not enough equity in the house to sell.  I'm looking forward to being with Johannes tomorrow. The kids aren't too happy about me leaving, knowing this isn't my last trip there but I want to make this relationship work and the only way is to see each other once in a while.  This trip is going to be even better than before since I will be there longer and we know each other better now.  This is my last chance to find happiness and I am going to do everything I know to keep it strong.  Johannes wants it too and knows he has to help keep us strong.  I dread the 12 hour flight but that's what I get for using my air miles.  They stick you where they have room.  Just four easy flights and I will be back with the man I love.

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