Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Horrors Inflicted on Preteens

See this adorable little guy. He's cute as a bug's ear, isn't he?  Why yes, yes he is.  He's only 11 and my Cutie Patootie. My Squishy McSquishington.  Yup, that's right, he's my baby.  How did you guess?
Okay, you caught me.  This is where I store my  kids.
{Now you know how I stay relatively sane.}
Last night my poor baby had horrors inflicted upon him that no child should ever have to bear - just ask him. Jerome is the first of my kids to go with me through Project KNOW.  Project Know is the school's way of teaching children about puberty and, over the next year, human sexuality.  Unlike the previous school where it was a deep, dark secret that was kept between the school and the students, here the courses are taught with the parents being kept informed of what is being told to the kids.

Now this is where Jerome was tortured.  Last night he and I attended a meeting where we watched a video on puberty {the same movie the class will be watching again today}.  My poor baby spent most of the movie with his face covered and mumbling "This is so disgusting! This is sick!".  At the end of the meeting I whispered to his guidance counselor that I thought he was going to die and she laughed and said she thought the same thing.  We both agreed that this is the best way for him to learn, this way he can be comfortable enough to ask me questions.  For the time being, however, he hasn't brought it up.  When we got home he ran in the house and told everyone just how terrible the whole thing was and then the subject was dropped.

At least the door is open...

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