Saturday, December 31, 2011

From the Old To the New

   Another year has come and gone and life moves on at it's own pace.  2011 has brought changes to my life and, in the process, I learned some life lessons and experienced many highs and lows.  I learned who are my friends. Who are good people and who are cruel by nature and just enjoy watching me hurt. I am still fighting some battles with people who have nothing better to do with their time than to inflict pain on me but I know this too shall pass.  I realized what I want in my life and who I want in my life.  I continued to forgive, but never to forget.  I discovered a place to get my volunteering fix that makes me feel good inside.  I began seriously working on my first book and I found that the words flow effortlessly when I don't try to force them.  I learned that God means a lot more to me than I ever realized.  I learned to open up to people and not to keep my feelings and fears bottled up - I don't have to always be strong.  I learned not to take my children for granted.  I learned what true love is all about.  I made friends with people who I know will be important parts of my life forever.  I found relatives on two continents who I never knew existed.  I experienced the heartbreak of finding a dear friend after years of searching, only to discover from her husband that she had passed on years ago.  I am grateful that I still have my precious "Mom" in my life 19 years after her son lost her in our divorce.   
   Like so many people, I too made New Year's Resolutions.  I think mine are easy to achieve.  I vow to eat more chocolate and to keep people smiling.  Nothing difficult, just simple goals. Anything else I do will be a bonus.
   I wonder what the New Year will bring.  I have had the over-whelming feeling that something great and wonderful is going to happen to me, to us.  Like there will be a big change.  Matthew says it's a feeling of happiness from the huge party we will throw after India heads off to college but I don't think that's it.  I wonder if this is my last winter here, in snow country.  I wonder where we will be, what we will be doing.  God has a plan and he isn't ready to let me in on it yet.  Whatever the new year brings, the feeling I have is surrounded by peacefulness.  2012 will be our year to shine.

May the Year 2012 bring  for you...
Happiness and Success and may it be filled with Peace, Hope and Togetherness of your family and friends
Wishing you a Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Years to you and the family Ingrid, love the blog. And Love being your friend.

  2. I enjoyed your blog Ingrid! 2012 will be a great year for all! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Darling !.... I hope 2012 will bring us together, I mean, in holding hands, close....I Love You, and wish You and the Kids Happiness, Peace, and I pray, this "drama" ends, once and for all.....Your Blog is awesome, and wish I could sit down and do the same....A wonderful way to express one's thoughts....You are amazing, a beautiful, Woman,Mother,and best friend ! I Love You !

  4. Thank you Colleen and Peggy. I really appreciate our friendships and I wish the best for you throughout the new year and on...

    Johannes. I love you!


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