Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Trails to You

I had intentionally kept away from my blog after we moved because the ex that was left near our former home just won't stop trying to make my life as miserable as his own.  When I realized that he had been given my new address by one of my siblings, I decided to get back into blogging.  I am not going to try to hide from evil.  Life is too short to let him feel like he won.  By letting him see that he can't break us, maybe, just maybe, he will move on to another victim.

There has been so much that has happened with my family, and so many exciting adventures that we have been on. I have many blogs in draft to share with you.  All I need is to edit some of the older photos, since they were taken with cell phones. I wasn't sure where to begin and decided to bounce around time-wise as I go through photos and share posts.  I hope I don't make you dizzy.

First stop: John Boyd Thacher State Park. Or simply Thacher Park, to the locals.  Our family adopted a couple of trails along the escarpment here. We go up there, clean the trails and trim the branches. The drop-off from the trails to the valley below is about 800 feet, on the average. Saturday we decided to hike Paint Mine Trail, one of the trails along the hill. We did leave the trail and went up several connecting trails before doubling back to the car.

If you are ever in the Capital District you have to stop by this park for a hike, and maybe even a picnic.

The first thing India did was to share a frog with me.

Amanda took this photo of Ken and me heading to the trail. 
(Yes, that is proper English.)

Waterfalls Galore!

But really, can you ever get enough?

Off in the distance.

I love the sound.

Does anyone else see a chicken wing?

I thought this was so creepy looking.

A Fairy home is hiding in this tree.

Such a cool mushroom.

What a beautiful fence.

Trail in the woods. 'nough said.

A lonely bench.

Can you see him?
It's a cute little snake.

The trunk to this tree is hollow.
Yet the tree still thrived.

A penny for your thoughts.

My favourite insect, the dragon fly.

The overcast sky went away and revealed this beautiful shade of blue. 
Love the contrast with the trees.

Ken got to experience riding on a swing for the first time in his entire life.

Release your inner child.

"You shall not pass!"

Looking toward The Helderberg Escarpment 
and Massachusetts in the background.

This is hard to see,
But three hawks were circling.

I found the over-spray amusing.
After all, I am easily amused.

Isn't he lovely?
Reeses was fascinated by the other dogs.

It turned into such a beautiful day.

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