Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So... At Last We Meet

One of the things that I managed to teach my children through the example of my relationship with the love of my life, Johannes, is that long-distance relationships DO work.  

They take a stronger LOVE - to be able to survive long periods without being near one another.
They take complete TRUST in one another - to be able to withstand those who will attempt to tear the two of you apart by trying to put a doubt in the other's mind ... and there will be those people. 
They take complete FAITHFULNESS - so that you always remember with whom your true love lies and so that they keep their trust in you.
They take absolute HONESTY - no half-truths or white lies. Once a shadow of a doubt is placed upon you, then the trust is gone. Besides, why lie? The little things aren't worth it and if you have an unforgivable secret then you probably shouldn't be together anyway.


It is with those beliefs that India has managed to keep her relationship with her sweetheart, Cody, strong. The two of them have been a couple almost as long as Johannes and I.  Unlike the two of us, who have gotten together on several occasions, these two didn't finally physically meet until they had been together for a year and a half. Thank goodness for computers, telephones and Skype (well, that would still be computers, wouldn't it?)

Cody and his mom, Sharon, drove five hours across the state so that Cody could take India to the Prom.  Now that is a love for your child!  When they first arrived, we had breakfast and then Cody discovered our box of "Table Topics" sitting on the table.  So he began asking us the questions on the cards.

They are such a cute couple.

Eventually we made it to Addie's Ice Cream Parlor for her delicious home-made ice cream, and more photos.  While we sat in the little patio, I thought how nice the backdrop of the four-mile long lake in our town would be so I made the kids go across the street and pose for me.

Really - what a beautiful back-drop, and what a cute couple.

I love this photo!

They were getting a bit irritated with the endless photo taking but India should know by now to accept it.

Sharon drove all the way here just so the kids could be together for a dance.  That is too sweet!

Since India will be heading away to college soon, I thought she should sign Addie's wall.

Of course Cody should too.

More Cute Couple pictures.

India was a little nervous pinning on the boutonniere. 

Not nearly as nervous as Cody was to pin on her corsage. Sharon ended up helping.

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for - Prom!

At least they thought the non-stop photo taking was amusing now.

Deal with it, Cody!  I like taking pictures.

The next morning, Jerome decided to hang out with his new friend (and play with my cell) before Cody and Sharon headed back to the Albany area - and home.


  1. I love it ! .. What a cute Blog .. Wishin', India and Cody much fun and happiness in their journey of love and partnership .. Cheers to You Sweetie ! .. Well,done !

  2. Thank you, Sweetheart


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