Friday, March 9, 2012

A Different Take On School Concerts

Now don't get me wrong, I love my children's school concerts.  Seriously, I would have to enjoy concerts after attending them for the last 19 years, or I would be even nuttier than my kids already think I am.  But since becoming a blogger I have discovered that I look at all of their activities completely different - with a more amused take on them.  I often find myself taking mental notes and then coming home and writing these notes on the programs before I sit down to blog about it.

But no more.  For now on I'll write the notes during the concert.  Why spend so much mental energy trying to remember what I want to write about?  


As I was getting ready to leave for the concert last night, I was brushing my teeth and India came into the bathroom to talk. I tipped my toothbrush and looked at it while it was still in my mouth and, in response to India's quizzical look, I said "I'm looking at the timer."  She asked me why I want to go to Ohio.  Close enough... If she were a dentist she would have understood me.

After heading out I decided I wanted the camera and we went back home to get it. 

Observation: Did'ja ever notice it's always the driver's side wiper that acts up first and it's always at eye level? 

As a result of going back for the camera, we got to school minutes before the concert was to begin.  The band was tuning up in the Gymnatorium (more and more people are calling it this as my kids make it go viral) and most of the crowd was seated.  India had run in earlier while Amanda and I were making our way in so we were greeted by India and Rachel (who shoved her little brother aside to hug me).  

While we were trying to decide where to sit,  the chorus director came up and told us he was in a tizzy because he had no one to run the camcorder.  Having raised my kids with a strong volunteering gene, I wasn't surprised when Amanda said she would do it. So, after quick instructions, Amanda was left to record the concert.

Something she was more than happy to do.

India and Rachel wanted me to sit with them in the front row but how could I move?  I had already experienced the kindness of some girls who, seeing me trying to figure out the route with the fewest bodies to climb to be near Amanda, stood up and motioned me to climb up by them.

And so it began in the typical school concert manner with people trying to decide whether or not they put their hand on their heart for the National Anthem.  

Once it was time to use the microphones, the normal crackling, popping and feed back began. No one even pays attention to it anymore. 

Before the Chamber Orchestra began, the director removed the bright yellow toque from the head of the bass player to the applause of the audience. 

On to chorus.  The music was wonderful and the kids did great but I have to make two observations: first of all, "The Joint is Jumping" is Swing, not Jazz.  Secondly, two words "Microphone Placement" - placing the microphones in front of the lesser singers distracts the audience from the over-all song and makes it so even the kindest, most understanding Mom has to fight back giggles. I'm not implying me, of course.  I would never giggle at anyone. *snicker*.
There are my girls!  With the combined Junior and Senior Choruses
Rachel is nestled in the middle to the left
While India is the vibrant redhead to the right.
The Senior Chorus
Lost in the vast expanse of the stage in our  Gymnatorium
Not bad for a 389 student, K-12 school.
One of the incredible things about my children's school is that a choice for second language is American Sign Language (India is fluent).  Here the chorus was singing selections from "Mr. Holland's Opus".  For those who don't remember, Glenn Holland was a wonderful Music Director with a deaf son. During the singing of "Beautiful Boy(Darling Boy)", two of the girls from the chorus signed the song. 
The camera caught them on the word "beautiful"

Rachel had a solo during "Haven't Met You Yet". She made me proud! Sorry about the camera jiggle.  It was making the weird movement so I moved it to the floor of the camera booth but the the jiggle seems to be in a pattern. Either it's a setting issue or my five year old camera is ready for retirement. 

India and me, snuggled during the band's touching rendition of
"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday"
As the Band was closing the concert with "I'm a Believer", folks couldn't help but notice the boy on the timpani was really getting into the song.  Which made the audience really get into it too. Happiness is contagious, you know.

After picking on the chorus director and thoroughly embarrassing his daughter in the process, we headed home.  Too bad I can't embarrass my kids, but they are just as odd as I am. I'm hoping if Rachel spends more time at our house she will become one of us. Mwahahahaha!!!

It was the usual car ride, loud music (Hey, I've got awesome Bose speakers in my van - feel the bass!) and lots of singing.  My brake light went out for the first time since my brake rebuild last summer, which totally messed with my mind.  But then it came back on and life was normal again.  Then there was that sudden 6 inch jerk to the right as we drove down the road but we decided it must have been a random wind-gust or a puddle from the earlier light rain. After about 15 minutes I remembered what I was saying before I noticed the odd brake light fluctuation that messed me up, and so I just carried on the conversation like I never left it, to the confusion of the girls. But they should expect this from me by now.

And who put this snow on my lawn while I was gone?????  It's Spring, for God's sake!!!!

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  1. How fun !....Thank You for sharing the concert experience..I love Your observation, and the things we often overlook, like the "crackling, popping, and feedback"...and Your right, "The Joint is Jumping" is definitely "Swing"....You,having to fight back "Giggles"..hehehe..Btw, "Happiness" is contagious !!
    Your #1 fan....Johannes :o)


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