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My kids and I love trying new recipes as well as reusing family favourites.  We decided to make a food blog as a sort of on-line cookbook for the kids as they move out on their own. Because my children have the last name 'Honey" and I briefly had the name "Cook", we decided it would be fun to name our blog Cook With Honey.  Maybe we'll turn it into a cookbook one day... Oh, check out our Facebook page, Cook With Honey

My oldest son, Matthew, has had his web developing business for over eight years and has built some incredible websites over the years.  He has his original business, Thriving Designs and it's blog. You can like his page on Facebook at Thriving Designs.  Two new additions to his website business are Findley Lake Webdesign - for local businesses and Thriving Sites - for those who want to design their own website, and save money in the process.  There's a Facebook page for this one too, Thriving Sites.

My oldest daughter writes beautiful poetry and shares them at her website, India Moonwillow.

My son, Andrew, created a website based on his obsession with all things Star Wars - Star Wars Archives.  With his Facebook page at Star Wars Archives.

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